Dannenbaum Engineering has been striving to deliver engineering excellence, building enduring relationships and positively impacting the communities where we work since 1945.

We’re launching into our next 75 years with new leadership and a commitment to new ways of doing things to make our company better. One step toward fulfilling that commitment is refreshing the company brand to strengthen our company image, culture, business share, and employee recruiting/retention.


Logo: Can you identify the changes? 

Purpose Statement: We strive to deliver engineering excellence, build enduring relationships and positively impact the communities where we work.

Vision: To be the trusted civil engineering company of choice

Values: We’re building a stronger, new Dannenbaum Engineering rooted in a culture of trust, respect, and excellence.

Leadership: Under new leadership, our diverse employee-owned company is managed transparently by an Executive Committee with broad experience and expertise. Members represent our employees' interests as well as Dannenbaum Engineering's broad range of service areas.

More Communication: Change begins with good communication. We’re committed to ramping up 2-way communication with our employees, clients, elected officials and community partners. Stay tuned.

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