Our History

Innovation from the start

The world we know today was virtually unimaginable when Joseph B. Dannenbaum started his company in 1945.  As an innovator and problem solver, he set the tone for the business that still exists today.

In the 1950's, Dannenbaum developed and patented the solar aerobic wastewater treatment process.  When he learned about raw sewage in the ditches of North Houston's residential areas during the 1960's, he created the Northwest Houston Water Supply Corporation to fund a water and sewer system there.  That same concept was applied to East Houston with the creation of the Eastex Water Supply Corporation in the 1970's.


When subsidence was becoming an issue during the 1980's, we drafted a report to the 64th Session of the Texas Legislature that resulted in the formation of the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District.  The Team went on to create the West Harris County Surface Water Supply Corporation, later to become the West Harris County Regional Water Authority that supplies surface water today.


During the 1990's, transportation became a critical issue for the Houston region.  Once again, we showed our ability to innovate.  First, we facilitated an agreement between the Union Pacific Railroad and the Harris County Toll Road Authority to make use of railroad right-of-way to bring the Hardy Toll Road into downtown Houston.  Then, when the highway funding crunch hit Texas in the early 2000's, we became leaders in a new highway funding concept for local communities Pass-Through Financing.


Growth in response to needs

 In our earliest years, we concentrated on public works engineering, surveying and general projects.  As Texas grew, so did our practice areas.  We added industrial work, followed by Land Development to keep up with the Texas housing and commercial boom.  When a major recession hit the housing market in the 1970's, we redoubled our efforts in the public works sector.  Finally, we expanded into transportation, rounding out the portfolio as it exists today.


In addition to growing our service offerings, we've continually integrated new technology into our business.  We apply sophisticated software and systems for modeling and simulation, planning analysis, design, production drafting, GIS, aviation-based measurement and project management.


At Dannenbaum Engineering, responding to market conditions and meeting emerging needs with the latest tools and techniques has characterized us from the start.

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Dannenbaum Engineering was founded in 1945 by Joseph B. Dannenbaum. Mr. Dannenbaum was the Chief Engineer for the City of Houston Water Division when he decided to go into private practice.