Why Choose Dannenbaum

With more than 70 years experience in Texas, Dannenbaum Engineering is widely regarded among the State’s premier firms for the planning and design of all types of infrastructure. Creating successful projects for successful clients


Throughout our organization, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service. Our Team includes some of the industry’s best-known names in land development engineering, hydrology and project financing, among other specialties. Our knowledge of Texas’ social, environmental and permit issues is complete, and our reputation and strong relationships bring you additional value. Dannenbaum’s ability to reach beyond typical engineering tasks, ­our strength in providing economic services, including our leadership in financing vehicles, enables us to further personalize our commitment to our clients' success.


Getting the job done right is a given. Building strong relationships with our clients is essential. Being committed to client’s goals is vital.

We promote positive partnerships by
  • sharing your perspective and goals

  • providing tailored, focused solutions that are appropriate and cost-effective

  • innovating, but only when it brings you added value

  • respecting time and budget objectives, and using technology to track and measure both

  • being responsive through quick yet conscientious decision-making

  • establishing a high level of trust

  • assembling the best team to meet your needs and assuring continuity of project management

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