President's Message

In a veteran company like ours, we have the ability to leverage technical expertise, relationships and experience, applying what we've learned to make our clients successful. But gaining knowledge from the past doesn't mean we ever stop growing as an organization.

Our vision for the future is to continue moving Dannenbaum Engineering toward being..


  • The infrastructure company of choice, involved throughout the project lifecycle

  • The employer of choice, a good place to work and grow, where people can invest their passion

  • The partner of choice, participating actively in our customers' successes


We're well on our way to meeting future challenges.


We have the understanding and acumen to further expand our capabilities, respond to increasing demands from clients or the environment in which we operate.


We show our Team members how we value them by treating them with respect, allowing creativity, recognizing their talent and providing opportunities for personal advancement. We are proud of the long tenures of many of our people, especially in an age where staff and customer loyalty is critical for long-term success.


In our roll-up-your-sleeves culture, everyone is involved in the daily aspects of client success and working to get the job done. By adding innovation to solid engineering solutions, we can develop personalized responses, not just off-the-shelf answers, to your needs.


In short, we have a robust company with strong Team members who are dedicated to our clients' success, and there's nothing better than that to help build our success.

Michel Maksoud - President

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